Below we present the latest machines used for precision machining.


The MCV Center is an intelligent industrial machine designed for high productivity and precision machining.
Direct drives and measuring probes allow for a wide range of machining operations: from drilling and tapping through milling to high speed machining. The machine tool design allows for the simultameous operation of the spindle, moving of the spindle head and moving the table.

  • Table dimensions - 1000 mm x 500 mm,
  • Axis travel - X = 754 mm, Y = 500 mm, Z = 550 mm,
  • Maximum weight of workpiece - 400 kg,
  • Renishaw measuring tool probe,
  • Renishaw part measuring 3D probe,
  • HEIDENHAIN control,
  • Spindle speed - 10,000 rpm,
  • Precision positioning in each axis <0.005mm,
  • Accuracy of position adjustment <0,012mm,
  • Measurement system in X, Y, Z axis linear direct,
  • 24 - tool storage space.
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Flatbed lathe

Designed for precision lathe work, especially for single and small batch production. MASTURN flatbed lathes are ideal for basic rolling operations that are complex in shape of exterior, frontal and interior surfaces. The MASTURN 550I machine can perform cutting operations on both cylindrical and conical internal threads.

  • Maximum turning diameter 500 mm,
  • Maximum machining length:  900 mm,
  • Maximum  weight of workpiece 1000 kg (tailstock + 1 support),
  • Handle size: 152 mm,
  • Rapid feeds: 10000 mm / min,
  • Spindle speed range:  3000 rpm,
  • Engine power:  17 kW,
  • Positioning accuracy 0.015 mm,
  • Positioning repeatability: 0.01 mm,
  • 8 position DUPLOMATIC tool head,
  • HEIDENHAIN MANUALplus 620 control.


Obróbka skrawaniem CNC