Professional CNC machining of metals toolroom.

G-INTER Solution is a company whose passion are modern machining technologies. The key elements of our strategy are the combination of cutting-edge knowledge of high-performance CNC machining with state-of-the-art technology parks and a flexible approach to project execution. We invite you to contact our specialists.

G-INTER Solution is a company which is formed by professionals passionate about metalworking.

Our qualified team of professionals ensures our clients fast and professional service of individual orders. In our daily work we use our rich and constantly expanding knowledge of high-performance CNC machining. We have a state-of-the-art technology park. Access to modern and precise equipment allows us to offer a wide range of services. It is obvious to us that customers and their needs are different, so we are flexible in approaching each successive realization. We advise on solutions that guarantee the highest quality of manufactured parts while maintaining optimum costs.

In G-INTER Solution we use a full range of CNC machining methods: milling, turning, drilling and tapping.

Our projects are carried out in a wide range of materials such as aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous alloys, structural and alloy steels, stainless steels, gray and ductile cast irons, plastics and many others. Our technology park has extremely flexible production capacity, so we are able to guarantee the most demanding orders. The individual approach to the customer involves the production of non-standard details, in which it is sufficient to pass the technical design. The implementation involves the implementation design, the purchase of the required materials, the processing with the utmost diligence, quality control and express delivery. We guarantee serial and unit production. Within our comprehensive services we offer:

Obróbka skrawaniem

1.CNC machining

Extremely accurate, fast and highly reproducible creation of complex shapes by cutting materials using modern numerically controlled devices.

obróbka metalu

2.CNC milling

Machining of various surfaces and planes using a special milling cutter is a CNC milling service. Its essential feature is the rotary motion of the tool, as well as the simultaneous sliding motion of the workpiece. It is also possible to maneuver the milling cutter with respect to the material in question.

Toczenie CNC

3.CNC turning

We offer you a professional CNC turning service that allows you to process external surfaces and internal cylindrical or conical elements. It is also possible to obtain non-rotating forms. We take care of the precision, accuracy and retention of any quality standards in the provision of services.



This is a machining method that involves performing new drill holes, or expanding existing holes in tools and components of devices. 



Shaping internal or external threads using specialized threaders and taps. 

"By offering our lathe services, we respond to the specific needs of businesses and individuals. We make custom tools based on technical designs. The knowledge and experience of our crew and high precision of the equipment allow us to make products that 100% meet the requirements of our customers.

usługi tokarskie

Bet on cooperation with professionals in metal machining.

We encourage owners and specialists from automotive, electronics and medical companies to launch long-term and fruitfull ralation with G-Inter Solution. We provide the highest quality of modern lathe services; we guarantee transparent rules, mutual benefits and trouble-free contact.

Are you acquainted with CNC milling? Can you read technical drawings precisely? Do you want to get a good job and develop your skills?

You can work in G-Inter Solution as a milling machine operator or a turner.


- setting and operation of numerically controlled machines; Heidenhaim's control,
- execution of the detail according to the technical drawing,
- selection of fixing devices,
- selection and replacement of tools,
- operation of measuring devices.



- Availability for work in a two-shift system (weekends free)
- Commitment and willingness to work
- Experience in a similar position welcome
- Ability to read technical drawings


We offer:

- Employment contract
- Stable employment
- Opportunity to gain work experience
- Opportunity to develop

Work in Piaseczno near Warsaw

We encourage you to send a CV with the inscription:

„I hereby authorize the processing of personal data included in my application to work for the purposes necessary for the implementation of the recruitment process conducted by:  G-INTER Solution NIP: 524 260 72 11 REGON: 301193523, according to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal  of Laws of 2014, item 1182, 1662) ” .

Please be advised that we will contact only selected candidates.

G-INTER Solution
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